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Erika: A Thriller By Mansi Narula Kashyap Book Review

Heyya readers,
I got my hands on a thriller, Erika by Mansi Narula Kashyap which I finished in one sitting and wanted to share my views on it. I don’t know if this counts but I just loved the font size of the book, hehe.

Storyline Of Erika:

Erika is a story of a girl named Erika whose parents died in a car crash. She shifted to London to stay away from the trauma that felt after her parents’ death. She lived with her best friend Lara. Erika was in a toxic relationship which a guy named Jimmy. Lara tries to pair her up with another guy named Ethan. This is when things start to get eerie and suspicious. Lara starts to act weird and Ethan also rushes into proposing to Erika to get married. Does all the confusion mean something or Erika is being paranoid? Will someone really get killed?

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My thoughts

The author has done a great job of engaging the reader. There are a lot of plots and twists that hinged me to the book. And the end of the story really messed up my brain. Since it is a novella, the book is fast-paced. However, I wanted this story to be a bit long so that I could experience more thrill get all get questions answered.
The writing style is very simple and captivating. Every chapter starts with a short verse that is kind of related to the chapter itself. The verses always increased the curiosity in me.

The climax of the book was also mind-blowing and absolutely unexpected. I really liked this book and would love to read other books written by this author. I recommend giving this book a try. You will be able to finish this book in one sitting and would not regret it a bit. Do give this Erika a try.
That’s all for today, hope y’all have an amazing day ahead ♥️
See you soon!!

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