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‘Hiraeth- Home That Never Was’ by Mansi Narula Kashyap book review

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Hope you all are doing great. So, I am back with another book review. I got my hands on another book by Mansi Narula Kashyap. ‘Hiraeth- A home that never was’ is a collection of around 100 heart-touching poems. After reading Erika- A thriller, I wanted to read more works by the author. I have never-ending love for poetry as it gives a great scope of imagination.

Hiraeth has several poems that portray various emotions. The poetries are about love, heartbreak, moving on, nature etc. When it comes to the physical copy of the book, the cover completely resonated with the general theme of the poems. The font used in the book is very soothing and appropriate for the poetry. Also, there is a lot of space in the pages to write your own ideas. 

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The vocabulary used in the book was exquisite and I liked the use of several phrases. Certain poems had hidden stories and that made them quite interesting. I could absorb the message of a lot of poems, however, some of them felt a bit bizarre. I might reread this book to understand it completely.

Some of my favorites from ‘Hiraeth- the home that never was’ are-

  • The Sycamore is sarcastic
  • The corner of that dilapidated street (shows how usually love stories begin)
  • The lakes are serene (I loved the description of the scene)
  • Sedate me
  • Makes you insane
  • The mole on the corner of your nose
  • Don’t erase my love (Please forgive me for such a long list but they all were lovely)
  • All about letting you go (when we are not completely ready to move on)
  • My Un-valentine
  • The morning doesn’t wake up no matter how hard I try

and many more!

‘Hiraeth- A home that never was’ has numerous poems that had a very vivid description of nature. It includes calm lakes, soothing forests etc. I loved the atmosphere that the author tried to create in the poems. It was a lovely collection and is a good book for all poetry lovers.

If you have read this book then do let me know about your views as well. 

Happy reading!

See you soon!!

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