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Book Review of If It’s Not Forever It’s not Love

Caring about what others think is the biggest jail one can put oneself in.” ―Durjoy Datta, If It’s Not Forever. It’s Not Love.

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Let’s talk about this well-drafted romance/fiction novel by Nikita Singh and Durjoy Dutta. If it’s not forever it’s not love was my first read by Durjoy Dutta. I honestly liked the way he writes. The simplicity of the language is captivating. Since I have read a few of his works, he is one of my favorite Indian authors in the romantic genre. The best part is that he focuses on different social aspects as well. 

One of my cousins suggested this book to me when I was a beginner and this book encouraged me to explore the world of books.

Avantika: ‘Do I look happy when I am asleep?’ Deb: ‘Yes, you do.’ Avantika: ‘Then I’m sure I’m dreaming about you’…These little things are what make my life worth living.” ― Durjoy Datta, If It’s Not Forever. It’s Not Love.

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Everything started with a burnt diary….

Storyline of If It’s not forever:

The story begins with a bomb blast in Chandni Chowk, Delhi. The protagonist Deb is actually one of the survivors of the bomb blast. Deb’s life took a dramatic turn after he miraculously escaped the bomb blast. However, this affected him emotionally and the after-effects of the blast haunted him. He couldn’t keep himself from thinking about the bomb blast so he visited that place again and found a half-burnt diary. The initials mentioned in the diary were RD. Deb reads the diary and finds out about the unspoken love of RD for Ragini. Since RD might have passed away in the blast, Deb took the responsibility to reach out to Ragini and tell her about RD’s unspoken love. 

Avantika, Deb’s girlfriend and Deb along with another couple Shrey and Tiya start their journey to unfold the mystery of RD with a limited number of clues. They gradually put together several pieces throughout their journey. This plot arose a lot of questions in my head. Will they find Ragini? Who is RD? Is he dead? All my questions got answered and the suspense made the storyline much more interesting.

Now let’s talk about my views on the story!!

I would appreciate Nikita Singh and Durjoy Dutta for this simple yet intriguing story. The dialogues and the emotions have been conveyed effortlessly. I was able to connect with all the characters. The humour is also witty and will keep you entertained. The only problem was that the trip in the middle of the book became monotonous and the activities of the characters became a bit repetitive. Some emotional scenes will make your heart cry, for example, that chapter where Deb meets RD’s sister and the end of the story is overwhelming too.

If you are into romantic and emotional books then you must give this book a try. The best part is that all the characters are well sketched and I was able to connect with the side characters as well. This kept me engaged. The flow of the story is full of suspense and emotions. 

To sum it all up, 

“If it’s not forever, It is not love” by Nikita Singh and Durjoyy Dutta is a plethora of various emotions. It is a short book and is worth reading. It has simple English, thus it’s good for beginners as well. Now I plan on reading more books by Durjoy Dutta. I hope it goes well. If you have read the book already then do let me know about your views. If not then give it a read. 

I would rate this book a 3.5 out of 5.

Happy Reading!!!

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