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The Bold Type Review -Unapologetic feminism


I just finished all five seasons of The Bold Type (I am trying not to cry but… :'( ) and I am overwhelmed with various emotions. This blog would be more about me processing my thoughts rather than a review. The Bold Type is all about three millennial women Jane, Kat, and Sutton working in a women’s magazine named Scarlet. Let me make it clear it is not just a fashion magazine.

Jaqueline Carlyle, the editor in chief of the Scarlet says “Here’s the next great mascara, to give you bigger eyes to see the world.” She also says “Here’s a fabulous pair of jeans; now, go climb a mountain.” At first, I was sceptical about this character. How can someone be this perfect and nice? However, it turns out not everyone is that bad after all. Jaqueline is the perfect mentor for all her employees. 

The bold type focuses on some ordinarily powerful women which makes it an amazing show. I would like to talk about all the three protagonists one by one.

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Jane Sloan

Jane is a writer at Scarlet and always ends up writing about things related to personal matters. She addressed some very taboo topics like BRCA genes, yeast infections as well as her romantic and sex life. Her determination and passion for writing about her feelings have inspired me quite a lot. Therefore, Jane Sloan is my favourite character. What I liked the most about this character is that she took complete responsibility for her actions.

Kat Edison

Kat Edison is the Head of the digital media at the Scarlet. It is so appealing to see how Kat explores her sexuality and grows from being straight to falling in love with a Muslim lesbian, Adena El Amin. Adena has her own set of battles to fight. However, it is delightful to see how they get along with each other. Kat did everything she could to bring about a change at a larger scale. She used Twitter and other social media platforms in order to raise her opinion on several matters. Kat’s fearlessness was extremely attractive. 

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Sutton Brady

At the beginning of the Bold Type, we see that Sutton is working very hard to earn a standard amount of money. Sutton tries to figure out what she is passionate about and takes various risks for her career. Sutton starts as an assistant and ends up being a fashion stylist. This process wasn’t as easy as it sounds. (I’m sorry for a few spoilers). Sutton Brady and Richard Hunter who is fifteen years older to her fall in love. Their love story takes interesting twists and turns. They both are such a delight to watch. Sutton’s witty sense of humor kept me entertained throughout. 

To sum up The Bold Type

Other than these three protagonists other characters were also very well developed. And yes! I have a huge crush on one of Jane’s partners, Ryan (Pinstripe) :D. Jane, Kat and Sutton always had each other’s backs. Their gossips and introspections in the fashion closet were always a treat to watch. I felt so connected to all these characters and I admire the bond they all shared. I literally celebrated all their achievements and cried in their heartbreaks. I didn’t want this series to end. I want more of it. 

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Some people do consider it to be unrealistic and full of glamour. That is what TV is about, right? Even with all these perfect bodies and glamour, the makers were able to talk about some very important matters in a very subtle manner. I got inspired by so many characters in this series. The Bold Type is a complete package of various genres. I don’t know how this series managed to motivate me to work for my blog along with so much drama and love stories.

Now, this show has become one of my favourite shows and I obviously keep recommending it to all my friends.

Do watch this series and let me know about your reviews as well.

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