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I am back with another web series review. If any of your friends recommended One day at a time, then congratulations, you have good company. My best friend told me to watch this show and then there was no going back. I was trying to watch the show slowly so that it doesn’t get finished too soon….hehe. I have no reasons at all to say why you shouldn’t watch this show. So, let’s discuss why you should watch this amazing series.

“It turns out people want to believe what they believe more than what is actually true.” -Elena

Three generations of super strong women.

Lydia, Penny and Elena are the women I am talking about. Linda was strong enough to raise her daughter in a distant country, Penny tries to raise her children while she is going through depression and Elena is figuring out her sexuality and is a very strong and outspoken individual. One day at a time revolves around the adversities of the life of these women. It is overwhelming to see one woman trying to change her mindset for the other.

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One Day At A Time has the best one-liners.

One day at a time is funny, like really funny. The sarcastic one-liners can leave you awestruck. The humor is so subtle yet impactful that it amazes me. Thus you will feel very lighthearted after watching any episode of this show even if there were certain serious issues addressed.

Talks about relevant and relatable issues.

I adore such shows that discuss important issues. Therefore, I felt the same about The bold type as well. One day at a time talks about anxiety, depression, parenting, the pronouns used and some political issues as well. This show does a commendable job by addressing these issues and leaving something for you to think about later.

“It’s okay to be bad at some things. Dare to suck! It’s the first step to getting good. And if you love the fashion thing, you have to keep going back, and not be afraid to be bad at it for a while. Because you’ll get better. We’re all learning. It’s a process.” -Penelope

Strong relationships

The complete theme of this series is how the Alverez family has got each other’s back. “I got you” is actually the motto of this family. In fact, the portrayal of the friendship of Schneider and Penny is heart touching. Be it a mother-daughter relationship or mother-son relationship, unconditional love and acceptance reside in the family. This gives a sense of relief when any of the characters are dealing with some problem.

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To summarize, One day at a time deals with some extremely important issues in a very subtle and humorous manner. I am pretty sure that this show will leave a positive impact on you. It will make you more open-minded. I felt really connected to the characters and that made the experience much better.

There were some scenes in the show that motivated me to be a better version of myself. I learnt that crying or addressing your problems is not a weak emotion. In fact, how important it is to take care of your mental health, take a stand for yourself and it is okay to not be an expert in whatever you are doing until and unless you keep trying. If you haven’t watched this show then it’s the perfect time to become the next person to fall in love with the Alverez family.

If you have watched One day at a time then share your experience as well.

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