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Do Epic Shit By Ankur Warikoo Book Review

Hey fellow readers!

“Do epic shit” is a book by Ankur Warikoo, an entrepreneur and content creator. I have been following Ankur Warikoo for a long now. He also gives amazing book recommendations and his content is quite motivational. Do epic shit is a complete mix of the wisdom he gained from the books he has read so far. I had really high expectations from this book. 

If you ask me what’s different about this book. I’d say the way the author is talking about his personal experiences. He shares the mistakes he did in his 20s and also in his 30s. The mistakes he made in his 20s were quite relatable for me. He highlights and talks about all important aspects of life which are basically universal truths. There are six chapters – success(and failure), Habits, Awareness, Entrepreneurship, Money and Relationships. I loved how he talked about the concept of having multiple identities as I believe the same.

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Since I have watched a lot of his youtube videos, I find that he has a vast knowledge of books. So he has summarized all his preachings and knowledge in his book. It seems to be a compilation of what he teaches. However, the best part is the personal edge to that book. I could literally listen to his voice in my head while reading this book.

In one of the chapters, Ankur Warikoo talks about all his good habits. I noted every single one of them. I absolutely loved the last chapter of this book where he wrote alternate letters to his kids. This was so so heart-touching. I hope his children read all those letters. All those letters are just so sweet and special. 

The rawness and the simplicity of the book make it worth reading. At some places, the order of the content seems a bit vague but you will get whatever the author is trying to state. Do epic shit is completely beginner-friendly and the concepts and quotes are quite impactful. Do epic shit is one of those books which you must re-read from time to time. Sometimes, I did feel that the quotes have already been written or said. Still, everything made a lot of sense to me. 

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My takeaways from “Do epic shit” that are gonna stay with me-

Nothing beats the feeling of having done more in twenty-four hours than what the day expected you to!

A year from now, you will wish you had started today. Start today.

You are what you do. Not what you say you’ll do.

The pro is the amateur who simply showed up every day.

3 relationships that define almost everything that happens to us in our lives.

  • The relationship we have with money.
  • The relationship we have with time.
  • The relationship we have with ourselves

I assumed an ‘everything will be ok’ approach towards everything. Hope is not a strategy.

Comparing yourself to others is the biggest waste of time. Everyone had different beginnings. Different temperaments of parents.Totally different interests and hobbies.

No one is useless. Everyone knows something you don’t.


If you are a beginner and want to read a self-help book then “Do epic shit” is the book for you. The vocabulary used is very simple and straightforward. I recommend you to keep this book with you and re-read it. You would find something new to learn every single time. I wanted a light read to get out of my reading slump and “Do epic shit” helped me out. If you have already read this book then do let me know about your views as well. 

See you soon!!

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